Special Exhibition
5 October 2012 - 4 January 2013


The Exhibition will also be shown – with facsimiled duplicates of the presented originals – at the Berliner Philharmonie and in Banff, Canada.

Arnold Schönberg placed his famous melodrama cycle “Pierrot lunaire” from 1912 in the extreme danger zone of post-Romantic composition. Pierrot, “with waxen countenance”, is a bizarre and nervous figure, enticed into a counterworld of hopeless passions and nighttime phantasms.

A cosmos of tonal shading in the colorful realm between singing and speaking. Freedom of tone!

All original manuscripts of this epochal work, which has now been made newly accessible to visitors using multimedia applications 100 years after its creation, have been united in an exhibition for the first time.

The film documentation “Solar plexus of modernism”, exclusively presented by the Schönberg Center, provides insights into a top-class, exemplary performance at the Salzburg Festival in 2011.